Craftsmanship meets high tech

Finding people that burn with the same desire as ourselves — that was our mission as we searched for manufacturers for our products. The individual components for our mattresses are manufactured in the most diverse corners in Europe. And we are confident that they are being made by the best and most ambitious producers.

How do you make top-quality mattresses?

This question drives us every day. Mattresses usually consist of a core on the inside and a covering. Very different types of know-how are involved here — from the optimal manufacture of foam to the processing of textiles. What makes the difference is that all of the components do not have to be produced in the same place. As a young Berlin company, we do not have our own factory or workshop, and this is actually a great advantage because we are able to choose the optimal elements for our mattresses that have each been made by the best in their respective fields.

In order to have our quality independently tested right from the start, we contract a number of renowned institutes already in the development phase and have them test our prototypes. Step by step, we have adapted our production process and in this way, are able to continually optimize our Grafenfels mattresses.

Five mattresses — one for every type of sleeper

Our collection consists of five different Grafenfels mattresses: two with cold-foam bases, two with pocket spring bases, and one natural latex mattress. With this range, we are able to cover most people’s needs.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer sleeping on a firmer or softer surface, place a high value on sustainability or would like to sleep on a bed like those in a luxury hotel — finding the perfect mattress is now easy thanks to the Grafenfels sleeper types. Each mattress is produced differently to meet the needs of each type of sleeper.

Making a mattress a Grafenfels

In order to ensure that shoulders and hips lie comfortably soft, the cold-foam base is contoured with an oscillating blade into special forms during the manufacturing process. The spring coils, in contrast, are set very quickly and very precisely into the textile pockets. Depending on the mattress model, between 267 to 634 pocket springs per square meter ensure perfect spine alignment and body support.

In the development of our Grafenfels mattresses, our passionate drive for perfection, craftsmanship, technical expertise and carefully selected materials are joined with a cutting edge high-tech production process. This is a perfect combination of the two things that determine the quality of our products — and is what makes a mattress, a Grafenfels. You can feel it. Day after day.