High-Tech and Mattresses

How our bedrooms keep on getting smarter

20.12.2015 | Grafenfels editorial staff

Maybe you know the feeling — you have slept a long time but still feel tired and worn out. You force yourself out of bed and feel like you are pulling a huge invisible weight behind you the whole day.

A mattress that fits perfectly to your sleeper type is the first step in improving your sleep. Whether a person likes a firm or a soft surface, places a high value on sustainability, or would like to sleep on the kind of beds found in luxury hotels, depends on an individual’s personal preferences. In order to provide the best level of comfort and refreshing sleep possible, we implement innovative manufacturing procedures in the production of our cold-foam and spring coils using a sophisticated combination of high-tech and traditional craftsmanship.

A restful place in a world that is ruled by unrest

Our digital highly accelerated society is defined by permanent availability and a growing number of events, appointments and duties that we all need to take care of every day. With our products, we would like to establish a new comfort zone right in the middle of this turbulent digital sea of noise — to create a place of rest within a world that is ruled by unrest. A place where one can be undisturbed amid a daily life in which one is constantly being disturbed. Medical experts on sleep recommend that before going to bed that we do not read any emails on our smartphones or try to quickly watch our favorite series on Netflix.

However, modern technology does not always make it harder for us to get a good sleep. It actually has the potential to help us sleep better. The modernization of our bedrooms does not end with the mattress. Technology could even change our minds about what ‘good sleep’ really is. There are more gadgets available today than ever before that can help us to become acquainted with our sleep, to plan it and to improve it through the use of sophisticated sensors, practical smartphone apps and futuristic devices especially designed for our nightstands.

Discoveries today that we needed sleep labs for in the past

For example, „Juvo“ measures with a sensor under the mattress and a small box next to the bed the sleep phases you went through during the night, how your pulse and breathing changed, and even how dark your bedroom really is.

The real clever part is that this system uses this data to determine whether you are presently dozing in a „light“ phase of sleep and then activates the alarm clock. Waking up in this phase of sleep is much better and more refreshing. An app for the smartphone uses the collected data to make suggestions as to how you can improve your sleep. „Beddit“, which was developed by a Finnish start-up company, is a similar product and it can even record how long you snored during the night. (A function that allows you to turn off your partner’s snoring has unfortunately not been included.)

You can now find out things about your sleep that you would have had to go to sleep lab for in the past. And you can now improve your sleep and make waking up easier by using these types of tracking data. In combination with our mattresses, your bedroom can now be transformed into a real comfort zone.