„We want to provide orientation.“

An interview with the COO of Grafenfels,
Stefan Müller

Grafenfels, that sounds like a traditional family business ... 

... well, actually we are a newly founded company. But we want to be measured by the classic values these companies represent such as reliability, quality and dependability.

How are these traditional values aligned with the fact that
Grafenfels is actually a newly founded company in Berlin?

We find the connection to both worlds extremely interesting — those traditional values on one side and the dynamic, the drive for innovation and the strong internet presence of a start-up on the other.

What makes Grafenfels different from other
mattress manufacturers?

Quality is extremely important to us; it is quasi our reason to exist. Most manufacturers develop a mattress and have it tested afterwards. We collaborate with renowned institutes who test our prototypes already in the design phase. In this way, we can improve our mattresses step by step throughout the process.

Moreover, in the production of each individual mattress component, we are working with the best manufacturers, craftsmen and producers. With the exception of a Belgian manufacturer who makes our natural latex cores, we produce exclusively in Germany.


Why are you so passionate about the subject of mattresses?

It is incredibly hard to find the right mattress. The focus is only on the technical details. The needs people have and a transparency about how the mattresses are made are left out. Grafenfels wants to change that. We want to provide orientation.

Your motto is: „Enter Your Comfort Zone“, even though
the original saying rather states that one should leave it.
Does this make sense?

That actually makes a lot of sense. We can only leave our comfort zone — to strive and deliver our best — when we have laid down a good basis. This means that we need to be absolutely relaxed and rested when we are in our comfort zone in order to fully recharge our batteries.

And how is Grafenfels changing the shopping experience?

Our five different mattresses, in contrast to most other manufacturers, have been specially designed for particular types of sleepers. Therefore, the needs that most people have to sleep well are provided for no matter whether you prefer a firmer or softer mattress, place a high value on sustainability or want your bed to be like those in a luxury hotel. In this way, we make it extremely easy for our customers to find the perfect mattress.

Why is there a dragon in the Grafenfels logo?

The dragon is a symbol in Chinese culture that stands for dependability, protection and strength — in other words, all the things we expect from our sleep. In Asian countries, there is often a picture of a dragon hung over a child’s bed to ensure that the child will sleep peacefully and safely. For us, the dragon has become the symbol for good sleep and a perfect comfort zone.


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