With Attention to Detail

How we design our mattresses

Why do mattresses often look so lifeless? We do not know exactly why either. However, when we were designing our own products, we definitely wanted to do it better. Together with our textile designer, Sarah Wendler, we took a fresh look at the dusty image of the mattress and gave it what it lacked before — a soul. You can already see from the outside how much love and quality are put into our products.

We would like you to take your mattress into your heart. After all, you will spend a third of your life sleeping. Loving details such as a checked pattern on the cover or colored piping on the edges give the mattress its character. Or as our designer stated, “These attractive extras are eye-catching and represent intrinsic value and passion.” Yet, the design of all our models remains clean and simple. We don’t want to distract from what is important.

Form and Function

A beautiful form alone is not enough for us. That is why we put a lot of effort into choosing our materials. Our cotton mattress covers, for example, are woven exclusively for Grafenfels by a traditional firm located in the Swabian Alb. This increases the feeling you get when laying upon our high quality mattress cores which were developed through many optimization steps. Unlike many other producers who wrap their mattresses with a thick quilted covering, we prefer to allow the quality of our mattress cores, which we worked so hard to attain, to be optimally used.

All models are the same height and fit flush with each other. This allows you to choose two different mattress models for a king-size bed — to mix and match them to suit your needs. Instead of arguing with your partner over the right mattress, you can use your time for something much nicer.