The Grafenfels Approach
Five principles – One standard
  • 01. It is time for a new Comfort Zone.

    In our achievement-oriented society, people are always being told that they must leave their comfort zone — the place where each individual feels comfortable and safe. This means that only those who push themselves over their limits and do more can succeed in further developing their character. Grafenfels is for a new kind of comfort zone — one that is at home and celebrates the safety, security, relaxation and pleasure such a zone affords. We are convinced that a person can only leave their comfort zone when he/she is able to draw the maximum amount of strength from it.

  • 02. Quality prevails.

    Grafenfels stands for the highest possible quality. In order to reach this level, we already start during the development process of our mattresses and set extremely high standards for our materials, designs and craftsmanship. Most manufacturers have their finished products tested by experts. In contrast, we regularly collaborate with experts throughout the entire development process. In this way, we are able to continually optimize our products in order to create the perfect mattress for the modern comfort zone.

  • 03. Buying a mattress has to be a more pleasant experience.

    Today, most mattresses are purchased in stores with appallingly little charm. In effect, we are buying such a personal and important product in an atmosphere that couldn’t be further from our comfort zone. At Grafenfels, you can choose your dream mattress from the comfort of your own sofa, order it and have it delivered — directly to your comfort zone.

  • 04. Tradition and innovation fit together perfectly.

    Grafenfels stands for traditional quality and the highest standards. As a young company from Berlin, we also want to be innovative. We want to combine the best of tradition and innovation and bridge the gap between decades of proven manufacturing techniques and modern high-tech production. To produce our mattresses, we rely on craftsmanship while, at the same time, using the newest scientific discoveries from ergonomics and materials research.

  • 05. Comfort and rest lead to a better life.

    Those who have a deep and relaxing sleep create the best conditions for a healthy life. Those who do not have a good sleep put their mental performance and physical well being at risk — including everything from cardiac and circulatory disorders to burnout. People spend almost a third of their lives on mattresses. This is why it is so important to perfectly equip one’s comfort zone. At Grafenfels, we invest all of our energy to fulfill this aim every day.


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